Zimbabwe is making its mark on the internet as most companies have adopted websites for their businesses. What might probably differ is the responsiveness and frequency of updates on the majority of Zimbabwe websites. However what is key is that searching for Zimbabwe businesses online you will definitely find something.

We hope that as we enter 2017 more companies will now work on making sure their websites are responsive and are accessible on mobile devices with proper mobile ready formatting. And also work on aligning currency of events and activities at the companies with reality of operations at their businesses. There are some websites that when you go through them you find the emails, addresses and contact numbers appearing there could probably have long changed. It is disappointing that you find a number on the sites then you call it and the person tells they are no longer with that particular organisation.

With some websites and major companies for that matter, you will check on the profiles and realize they still list people who have since left the companies.

2017 is by the corner, to increase business through websites, Zimbabwe companies need to take care of their websites well.

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