For Churches, the scriptures instructs Apostles and said Mat 28 v 19 1Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:”

Thus it is imperative that of all those somehow needing marketing services or to use media to propagate their visions, the church should be leading. As the end will only come when the Gospel have reached all corners of the world.

The internet through its different avenues for spreading messages and connecting with receivers provides a prime opportunity for delivering the Good News far and wide collecting feedback as we go.

At Quality Data Solutions our roots are in providing such services for different organisations and we started this with charities and churches during the early days of social media marketing. As early as 2008 we were already using Facebook to communicate with the world about an orphanage which was and is still based along Rusape-Nyanga road called Manhinga Village Children’s Home.

Our founder extensively used Facebook and an accompanying website to link up and maintain communication with partners for the project. That was quite effective in achieving intended goals and a hobby turned into a business operation.

Today a Church Conference starts at AFM Innercity Assembly in Harare, we are extensively using social media tools, strategies and platform to invite people and also link up with those in far away places using technology to partake of scripture in taking the gospel to every corner of the world.

Social Media Marketing for churches requires expert graphics, copy and animation skills and these have to be executed on the fly, in real time as things happen. This week we are covering a conference by AFM in Zimbabwe, Harare East Province. We will be #livestreaming sermons, #SocialMediaUpdates and offering #photography services.

week-of-championsHere is one of the event flyers. In the Social Media age, most of these flyers and posters are never intended for print, they are just done to be circulated through social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Websites and Whatsapp.

The Conference is starting today at Harare Main Post Office from 5:30pm to 7:30pm and speakers include Evangelist Gwatidzo, Pastor Ponda and the hosts Pastor C & K Magwentshu, hope to see you there and be blessed.

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