Bundled with #SocialMediaUpdates you can successfully host a conference and have attendance from across the globe like your own satellite radio or television station. Imagine during the conference you have people glued to their mobile devices and laptops switched on to your website and social media channels and taking part with Amens in the gospel.

This is happening, even here in Zimbabwe. Yesterday, the Apostolic Faith Mission in Zimbabwe, Harare Innercity Assembly led by Pastor C and K Magwentshu started their Week of Champions Conference and it has been broadcast live to thousand of Christians across the globe through live streaming and social media channels.

Here is the Live Stream link to show you that technology has opened bridges to remove barriers to promoting content across nations. We are no longer limited by geography and costs to propagate our vision everywhere anytime.

You can live broadcast a Church service from Zimbabwe to anywhere across the world anytime at very affordable costs through technology.

dsc00054So for the first service yesterday, the preacher was Pastor Rabson Matewe who was introduced by Evangelist Nelly Gwatidzo.


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