Quality Data Solutions backed by offering Search Engine Optimisation services for various clients locally, the region and internationally, we have now branched out to start offering in Zimbabwe, Search Engine Optimisation training services.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO in Zimbabwe is not a subject that really shows it is taken seriously, for example you would find that when you search for a particular brand on Google search engine through their name, product or services they offer, you will not find them even among the top ten listings. Further general research will show that not all brands, organisations companies with websites and social media platforms are well aware of this element beyond your spectacular website called Search Engine Optimization.

Optimising your website for search engines will lead to your products, services or brand being found on the top as people search on Google. That means a lot for business or engagement considering that most consumers in Zimbabwe and abroad are now online almost all the time and they now find product, services or what they are looking for through google.

You would wonder how some are still in business, review your marketing strategy and be intentional about being found on top search results for your products, services or brands. Outsourcing is the default option for most organisations, but empowering your in house team with the knowledge will help you monitor your hired agencies and also bring a culture of wholesale intentional application of search engine optimization across the whole organisation. When this becomes a culture it then brings with it the multiplier effect where the bigger the numbers of qualitative search engine optimization, the better and the higher you rank and the more business and engagement you get.

Quality Data Solutions provides in house training for your marketing teams in the form of highly effective and engagement seminars and provision of video and booklets plus a subscription based e-learning platform which makes sure your team remain updated and skilled on latest trends in the search engine optimisation field.