Mobile Applications Development in Zimbabwe

2017 Mobile Applications Development in Zimbabwe

As we enter 2017 more businesses and organisations are going to have mobile applications to increase their visibility and customer engagement. Quality Data Solutions have come up with promotions in helping businesses create their mobile applications in Zimbabwe.

We will be launching next week, a platform aimed at the Zimbabwe market for creating mobile applications for all sectors.


SEO in Zimbabwe Digital Marketing Training Series

Quality Data Solutions is a Digital Marketing Agency based in Zimbabwe with clients in all sectors across the world. The beauty of the internet is that it removes boundaries in terms of how far your influence can reach while you are based in one region. Founders of Quality Data Solutions are some of the pioneers in Internet Marketing in Zimbabwe having entered the business way before 2010.

Our primary products are websites, website hosting, internet marketing and mobile applications development. Back in the day, we have strong training capabilities and Internet Marketing, a course which we provided to corporates and individuals mostly focused on marketing using your websites. It is only now that Social Media and Mobile Marketing are topical. Initially, we were pushing marketing tools and strategies like Search Engine Optimisation, Viral Marketing, Guerilla Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Website Analytics etc.

We delved into Social Media Marketing training in 2010, but as of now we manage Social Media accounts for many clients and its only in a few times that we find people wanting to be trained. Going back to basics, it is still crucial that knowledge is transferred. Digital Marketing space in Zimbabwe is experiencing a boom and in that regard, more knowledgeable platform creators and managers for businesses are required.

Zambezi Sunset Cruise, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. Are we able to search Images on Google?

Zambezi Sunset Cruise, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. Are we able to search Images on Google?

Giving back to the community that raised us, as Quality Data Solutions we are going to start an online training series that dwell on our main product line.
Our training lectures online will cover Website Design, Mobile Applications, Social Media Marketing and Internet Marketing. Internet Marketing will include tools and strategies like Search Engine Marketing, Online Reputation Management, Online Customer Relationship Management, Search Engine Optimisation in Zimbabwe, Viral Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Internet Advertising.

We hope this will be our small contribution to the business world. Keep checking this page for more information.


Enterprise Websites in Zimbabwe by Quality Data Solutions

One of the major pioneers for enterprise websites in Zimbabwe were financial institutions, listed organisations and international NGOs. Today even the manufacturing and distribution industry are also online heavily with comprehensive and befitting websites.

At Quality Data Solutions we are proud to have worked with clients in all the above set ups and our recent work is a website for distributor of gears, bearings, industrial twines and spares for heavy industries.

The company is a regional organisation with their foothold on the South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique markets.

Here is the Aurtchen Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd website;


SEO in Zimbabwe | WordCamp Harare 2016

[PICTURE COURTESESY OF TECHZIM.CO.ZW] As we look at improving our service offering to our clients, this past Saturday, 10th of December 2016, we attended the first Harare WordCamp event at the Harare City Library. According to the website,WordCamp is a conference that focuses on everything WordPress. WordCamps are informal, community-organized events that are put together by WordPress users like you. Everyone from casual users to core developers participate, share ideas, and get to know each other.”

We met up with people who are also creating websites from WordPress in Zimbabwe and in South Africa. There were exciting stories about some ‘developer’ who just learnt to develop websites with WordPress in just 24 hours in time for an internship interview. We also got the time to learn about best practices in developing and optimizing WordPress sites for optimal hosting.

To us the key highlight was a presentation on Search Optimisation rankings in Zimbabwe. The presenter was on point as he showed us practically how Zimbabwe developers and their clients do not take seriously search engine optimisation best practices. He noted that most clients do not even consider the services, once their website is designed with a nice looking interface, they are done.

It is imperative that at least a website should rank hire for Google search on you brand name, service or product. It is fun and surprising that some ‘big’ brands do not even rank hire for a search on their brand name.

We learnt that from then with our skills and what we gathered from the conference we are going as Quality Data Solution to learn more about Search Engine Optimization and make sure all our websites and blogs and also clients websites are fully optimized for search engines.

We hope our clients websites in the next 6 months will be ranking higher in Search Engines for their brands and  products. As we learn and grow in this area which is a branch on online marketing we will also offer the same services to other brands who are not in our catalog.

The idea of a website is for your brand, products and services to go out there and be seen with prospective clients. People use search engines to find products, services, stories and any other information they will be in need of for different reasons. If you are not found this way online then it will be huge task for you to participate and win in business in this information age.

As we approach 2017, we are doing all we can to make sure Search Engine Optimization in Zimbabwe also benefits our clients.


SEO in Zimbabwe

SEO in Zimbabwe

Quality Data Solutions backed by offering Search Engine Optimisation services for various clients locally, the region and internationally, we have now branched out to start offering in Zimbabwe, Search Engine Optimisation training services.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO in Zimbabwe is not a subject that really shows it is taken seriously, for example you would find that when you search for a particular brand on Google search engine through their name, product or services they offer, you will not find them even among the top ten listings. Further general research will show that not all brands, organisations companies with websites and social media platforms are well aware of this element beyond your spectacular website called Search Engine Optimization.

Optimising your website for search engines will lead to your products, services or brand being found on the top as people search on Google. That means a lot for business or engagement considering that most consumers in Zimbabwe and abroad are now online almost all the time and they now find product, services or what they are looking for through google.

You would wonder how some are still in business, review your marketing strategy and be intentional about being found on top search results for your products, services or brands. Outsourcing is the default option for most organisations, but empowering your in house team with the knowledge will help you monitor your hired agencies and also bring a culture of wholesale intentional application of search engine optimization across the whole organisation. When this becomes a culture it then brings with it the multiplier effect where the bigger the numbers of qualitative search engine optimization, the better and the higher you rank and the more business and engagement you get.

Quality Data Solutions provides in house training for your marketing teams in the form of highly effective and engagement seminars and provision of video and booklets plus a subscription based e-learning platform which makes sure your team remain updated and skilled on latest trends in the search engine optimisation field.


Conference LiveStreaming in Zimbabwe

Bundled with #SocialMediaUpdates you can successfully host a conference and have attendance from across the globe like your own satellite radio or television station. Imagine during the conference you have people glued to their mobile devices and laptops switched on to your website and social media channels and taking part with Amens in the gospel.

This is happening, even here in Zimbabwe. Yesterday, the Apostolic Faith Mission in Zimbabwe, Harare Innercity Assembly led by Pastor C and K Magwentshu started their Week of Champions Conference and it has been broadcast live to thousand of Christians across the globe through live streaming and social media channels.

Here is the Live Stream link to show you that technology has opened bridges to remove barriers to promoting content across nations. We are no longer limited by geography and costs to propagate our vision everywhere anytime.

You can live broadcast a Church service from Zimbabwe to anywhere across the world anytime at very affordable costs through technology.

dsc00054So for the first service yesterday, the preacher was Pastor Rabson Matewe who was introduced by Evangelist Nelly Gwatidzo.



Social Media Marketing for Churches in Zimbabwe

For Churches, the scriptures instructs Apostles and said Mat 28 v 19 1Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:”

Thus it is imperative that of all those somehow needing marketing services or to use media to propagate their visions, the church should be leading. As the end will only come when the Gospel have reached all corners of the world.

The internet through its different avenues for spreading messages and connecting with receivers provides a prime opportunity for delivering the Good News far and wide collecting feedback as we go.

At Quality Data Solutions our roots are in providing such services for different organisations and we started this with charities and churches during the early days of social media marketing. As early as 2008 we were already using Facebook to communicate with the world about an orphanage which was and is still based along Rusape-Nyanga road called Manhinga Village Children’s Home.

Our founder extensively used Facebook and an accompanying website to link up and maintain communication with partners for the project. That was quite effective in achieving intended goals and a hobby turned into a business operation.

Today a Church Conference starts at AFM Innercity Assembly in Harare, we are extensively using social media tools, strategies and platform to invite people and also link up with those in far away places using technology to partake of scripture in taking the gospel to every corner of the world.

Social Media Marketing for churches requires expert graphics, copy and animation skills and these have to be executed on the fly, in real time as things happen. This week we are covering a conference by AFM in Zimbabwe, Harare East Province. We will be #livestreaming sermons, #SocialMediaUpdates and offering #photography services.

week-of-championsHere is one of the event flyers. In the Social Media age, most of these flyers and posters are never intended for print, they are just done to be circulated through social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Websites and Whatsapp.

The Conference is starting today at Harare Main Post Office from 5:30pm to 7:30pm and speakers include Evangelist Gwatidzo, Pastor Ponda and the hosts Pastor C & K Magwentshu, hope to see you there and be blessed.


Zimbabwe Website Development Services

Quality Data Solutions offers website development services in Zimbabwe.

Every business, organisation or brand needs online presence to expand and extend its market and client base. At Quality Data Solutions, we are keeping abreast of the evolving web and digital marketing technologies to meet the growing demand for fast, secure and interactive websites. We provide high quality, innovative and excellent website development services to a wide variety of clientele from businesses, communities, churches, schools, artists, individuals and any who desire effective online presence.

Our website development services are world class and they are optimized to generate leads and good return on your investment.

Let us build your business today.
We build various types of websites as per business type and client requirements. We offer great solutions like:

  • Corporate Websites
  • Online Shopping Carts
  • Online Product Catalogs
  • E-Commerce Websites
  • Online Marketing Websites
  • Social Media Websites
  • Blogs and Forum Websites
  • Personal Profile Websites
  • Company profile Websites
  • Product Profiles
    News Websites and many more

* We build websites that are responsive and friendly to all types of devices (smartphones, mobile feature phones, tablets and PCs).

* We build website optimized for search engines (on Google, Bing and many more search engines).

* Our websites load faster and are optimized for all connections from slower internet connections to faster broadband connections.

* We continuously offer advise and ready updates for new technologies and improvements to keep your ventures ahead on digital platforms.

* We provide securely and guaranteed up-time website hosting and e-mail services.

* We offer premium website maintenance, management services and upgrades..