Leading Mobile Application Developers in Zimbabwe: 2017

2017, we promise to build more Mobile Applications for our clients.

Why you should consider a Mobile Application for your business;

Create Awareness

Predictive Analysis

Interact With Your Customers

Reputation Management

Target Better

Attract a Younger Generation of Consumers





Website Design in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is making its mark on the internet as most companies have adopted websites for their businesses. What might probably differ is the responsiveness and frequency of updates on the majority of Zimbabwe websites. However what is key is that searching for Zimbabwe businesses online you will definitely find something.

We hope that as we enter 2017 more companies will now work on making sure their websites are responsive and are accessible on mobile devices with proper mobile ready formatting. And also work on aligning currency of events and activities at the companies with reality of operations at their businesses. There are some websites that when you go through them you find the emails, addresses and contact numbers appearing there could probably have long changed. It is disappointing that you find a number on the sites then you call it and the person tells they are no longer with that particular organisation.

With some websites and major companies for that matter, you will check on the profiles and realize they still list people who have since left the companies.

2017 is by the corner, to increase business through websites, Zimbabwe companies need to take care of their websites well.


SEO in Zimbabwe | WordCamp Harare 2016

[PICTURE COURTESESY OF TECHZIM.CO.ZW] As we look at improving our service offering to our clients, this past Saturday, 10th of December 2016, we attended the first Harare WordCamp event at the Harare City Library. According to the website,WordCamp is a conference that focuses on everything WordPress. WordCamps are informal, community-organized events that are put together by WordPress users like you. Everyone from casual users to core developers participate, share ideas, and get to know each other.”

We met up with people who are also creating websites from WordPress in Zimbabwe and in South Africa. There were exciting stories about some ‘developer’ who just learnt to develop websites with WordPress in just 24 hours in time for an internship interview. We also got the time to learn about best practices in developing and optimizing WordPress sites for optimal hosting.

To us the key highlight was a presentation on Search Optimisation rankings in Zimbabwe. The presenter was on point as he showed us practically how Zimbabwe developers and their clients do not take seriously search engine optimisation best practices. He noted that most clients do not even consider the services, once their website is designed with a nice looking interface, they are done.

It is imperative that at least a website should rank hire for Google search on you brand name, service or product. It is fun and surprising that some ‘big’ brands do not even rank hire for a search on their brand name.

We learnt that from then with our skills and what we gathered from the conference we are going as Quality Data Solution to learn more about Search Engine Optimization and make sure all our websites and blogs and also clients websites are fully optimized for search engines.

We hope our clients websites in the next 6 months will be ranking higher in Search Engines for their brands and  products. As we learn and grow in this area which is a branch on online marketing we will also offer the same services to other brands who are not in our catalog.

The idea of a website is for your brand, products and services to go out there and be seen with prospective clients. People use search engines to find products, services, stories and any other information they will be in need of for different reasons. If you are not found this way online then it will be huge task for you to participate and win in business in this information age.

As we approach 2017, we are doing all we can to make sure Search Engine Optimization in Zimbabwe also benefits our clients.


Zimbabwe’s Leading Culture Application

Zimbabwe is getting more and more digitally oriented. The year 2016 have seen more focus deployed on mobile application as part of the information industry. Even the government has launched a $25 million dollar drive in supporting mobile applications development.

Mitupo Mobile Application developed and deployed by Quality Data Solutions in 2015 has become one of the most downloaded mobile applications in Zimbabwe now nearing 50 000 downloads. Among culture applications it is leading.

As the developers we have got much feedback from our users and we believe the year 2017 is the year of mobile applications for Zimbabwe as usage and download indicate a trend that more and more smart devices are getting on the market. Thus opening a flood gate of application hungry users.