Mobile Applications Development in Zimbabwe

2017 Mobile Applications Development in Zimbabwe

As we enter 2017 more businesses and organisations are going to have mobile applications to increase their visibility and customer engagement. Quality Data Solutions have come up with promotions in helping businesses create their mobile applications in Zimbabwe.

We will be launching next week, a platform aimed at the Zimbabwe market for creating mobile applications for all sectors.


Search Engine Optimisation Strategy in Zimbabwe 2017

Search Engine Optimisation Digital Marketing Series in Zimbabwe 2017

Lesson 1: SEO in Zimbabwe Strategy

Well, before embarking on any serious business you need to start with planning and strategy. Strategy helps you to know the resources and time required to accomplish your goals. The same also applies to Search Engine Optimisation, you need to be prepared for all potential eventualities in the game. Your competitor might be thinking the same way as you and that will mean you need to think ahead and be prepared for a long fight, you need to be innovative and have a solid plan and prepared to update and remake the plan as you go.

So STRATEGY matters so much in preparing yourself for the profitable journey with Search Engine Optimisation especially in Zimbabwe where it is not followed much. The challenges with lazy markets are that sometimes you get to the top position in search engine rankings and then the interest wanes off as there might not be possible challengers for the spot.

The first step, which we will discuss here regarding Search Engine Optimisation in Zimbabwe is;


Every business does have a target market, you need to come up with metrics and assumptions on your current market if you are already in business or potential market if you are planning to go into business. Steps to defining a target market for Search Engine Optimisation in Zimbabwe;

1) SEO in Zimbabwe Target Market by LOCATION

Where are your clients for search engine optimisation coming from? Are they coming from Bulawayo, Harare, Gweru, Mutare, Binga or Chimanimani? Is your business currently servicing these areas or do you have plans to expand there? These are crucial considerations that need to be considered so that you just do not shoot aimlessly. Once you establish the areas you service in terms of business then you can start to streamline your search optimisation materials for that particular area.

So if you are selling or supplying mining equipment, you have to create a list of places where you are likely to get customers and those are the areas you will include when you are creating your search engine optimisation literature so that people searching for those particular are likely to be interested also in mining and chances are they might want at one time or another some of the equipment that you merchandise….END OF LESSON 1

Follow this blog as Tomorrow we continue with our Digital Marketing Series 2017 and SEO in Zimbabwe being our first topic of discussion. SEO is all about your business being found on top rankings of search engines.If you want the complete Series in advance, call us on 0773 222 327.



SEO in Zimbabwe Digital Marketing Training Series

Quality Data Solutions is a Digital Marketing Agency based in Zimbabwe with clients in all sectors across the world. The beauty of the internet is that it removes boundaries in terms of how far your influence can reach while you are based in one region. Founders of Quality Data Solutions are some of the pioneers in Internet Marketing in Zimbabwe having entered the business way before 2010.

Our primary products are websites, website hosting, internet marketing and mobile applications development. Back in the day, we have strong training capabilities and Internet Marketing, a course which we provided to corporates and individuals mostly focused on marketing using your websites. It is only now that Social Media and Mobile Marketing are topical. Initially, we were pushing marketing tools and strategies like Search Engine Optimisation, Viral Marketing, Guerilla Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Website Analytics etc.

We delved into Social Media Marketing training in 2010, but as of now we manage Social Media accounts for many clients and its only in a few times that we find people wanting to be trained. Going back to basics, it is still crucial that knowledge is transferred. Digital Marketing space in Zimbabwe is experiencing a boom and in that regard, more knowledgeable platform creators and managers for businesses are required.

Zambezi Sunset Cruise, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. Are we able to search Images on Google?

Zambezi Sunset Cruise, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. Are we able to search Images on Google?

Giving back to the community that raised us, as Quality Data Solutions we are going to start an online training series that dwell on our main product line.
Our training lectures online will cover Website Design, Mobile Applications, Social Media Marketing and Internet Marketing. Internet Marketing will include tools and strategies like Search Engine Marketing, Online Reputation Management, Online Customer Relationship Management, Search Engine Optimisation in Zimbabwe, Viral Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Internet Advertising.

We hope this will be our small contribution to the business world. Keep checking this page for more information.


Leading Mobile Application Developers in Zimbabwe: 2017

2017, we promise to build more Mobile Applications for our clients.

Why you should consider a Mobile Application for your business;

Create Awareness

Predictive Analysis

Interact With Your Customers

Reputation Management

Target Better

Attract a Younger Generation of Consumers